Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day Two - Circle Line

I spent today taking a few trips on the Circle line of the tube today. I was able to pick up a few bits of info about the area, but I believe the stop that will be most useful for possible recruits visitors will be the Baker Street stop. Touristy? Perhaps. Do we care? No. My only concern is that I may have made a small mistake at the beginning of my trip, but I do not think it will affect the final spell scarf that much. I forgot to mention yesterday some of the trip on the District line yesterday, but I think I may have to go back there, so if that is the case, I'll make more notes then. Tomorrow, The Northern line. For Luna!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day One

So, I've been thinking about something that was written in the book I received lately. I noticed that Pihc mentioned that he had been writing a "blog". I was curious as to what this was, and a bit of research showed that it was short for Web Log. I thought briefly about entering the Forbidden Forest and asking Aragog why spiders would need a log made of webs, but was quickly talked out of it by my friend Kristin. Further research shows that what Pihc has been doing is a type of journal, which makes a lot more sense.

So, the idea occurred that, especially as I'm embarking today as part of a Secret Order of the Phoenix Mission regular trip to London, it may be useful to keep track of my journey and progress. But to be safe, I've put a bit of a hex on this journal. Those who are not permitted to read this will instead see the result of a slightly modified version of the Lorum Ipsum spell. To give a brief example, here's what some people may see upon opening this.

The chemist said it would be alright, but I've never been the same.
And no where did abide:
And other withered stumps of time
To thee, thou Wedding-Guest!
The spirit who bideth by himself
How glazed each weary eye,
He who was living is now dead
That in the Moon did glitter.
Among the porcelain, among some talk of you and me,
The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew,
Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider
And then it seemed a mist
The jungle crouched, humped in silence.
And on her daughter
I saw a third--I heard his voice:
Dear Lord! it hath a fiendish look--

So that's the plan. I depart for London shortly, where my first stop shall be the District, where I will begin my task of mapping everything and putting the details into a scarf visiting various locations. Wish me luck!